All Vape Lounge E-Liquids are American Made!

At Vape Lounge we believe the best products are American Made and all of our E-Juices are made by us, in our lab in Dallas TX USA. Our E-Liquids have a standard base of 50%PG and 50% VG. We only use pharmaceutical grade nicotine and only the best artificial flavorings. We have over 200 vaping flavors to choose from, placed in six categories of E-Liquids to ease your search for the right E-Juice for you.

Chose from American made Tobacco vapes, Bar vapes, Fruit vapes, Mint and Spice vapes, Coffee Tea and Juice vapes and or Dessert vapes. We are constantly expanding our menu of on-line vape E-Juice / E-Liquid based upon our ability to trial quality liquid mixes at our store in Texas. We engage our customers in the final product names so don’t be surprised if a pomegranate blueberry vape has a name like Blue Mesa, it just a part of the creative process.

We offer nicotine levels on line from 0mg per ml up to 28mg per ml in 4mg increments, increasing our flexibility to meet the vaping needs of most customers. We encourage you to give us a try. If you want to sample our products we offer 10ml bottles of E-liquid for $6, and we offer more standard 30ml bottles of E-juice for $15.95. We will feature some of our E-liquids each month in our Featured Products section and offer them at a discounted price of $14.95. Go ahead try an American Made E-Liquid from Vape Lounge. We believe you will be extremely happy you gave us a try!

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